Centered on design, utility, excellence, and value, Durrant Printing's selection of contemporary Apparel stands as a testament to our commitment. Our robust inventory ensures we stand at the forefront of the Promotional Industry.

Within our expansive and captivating apparel collection, seven distinct brands take the spotlight. Encompassing impactful designs for men, women, and children, we offer a seamless blend of style and functionality, catering to casual, sporty, and corporate needs.

Our range of logo-applicable apparel spans an array of hues, cuts, and sizes, catering comprehensively to your corporate and promotional clothing requisites. From cost-effective giveaways and everyday essentials to garments that proudly display team colors, we offer an aesthetic and tactile experience that resonates with everyone.


From everyday promo must-haves to cutting-edge mobile tech, Durrant Printing's assortment presents the perfect gifts for any budget or event.

Our Promotional Products range is brimming with creative concepts that resellers and corporate clients will adore. We maintain substantial inventory levels to ensure utmost satisfaction. With over 1,200 items spanning 19 categories, there's a choice for every occasion or marketing campaign, all primed for customization with your logo.

Durrant Printing's top-tier collection showcases global gifting brands known for modern designs, top-notch craftsmanship, and widespread allure. These brands heighten the perceived value of products, allowing corporate clients to select from a premium array of exquisitely packaged and distinctive items. These brands are gaining popularity and have become an exhilarating part of our gift selection.


Durrant Printing offers a world of packaging and gifting opportunities, enabling brands to establish end-to-end connections with their clientele.

Introducing Hoppla! – your ultimate destination for personalized bags, coolers, pencil cases, accessories, and more! This lineup is locally crafted, featuring vibrantly colored fabric that brings your designs to life. Hoppla! empowers you to fashion a distinctive, personalized design that perfectly aligns with your style.

Elevate your gifting strategy with Custom Packaging – an assortment of fully customizable gift boxes and bags. The manner in which your brand is perceived and your message is received can be transformed by packaging and presentation. Whether it's a gift, a goodie box, or a gift bag, consider imbuing it with your unique identity or message through bespoke branding. Browse through a range of eco-friendly, recyclable gift boxes and bags to amplify your impact.


In the realm of Durrant Printing, securing the ideal Workwear solution holds paramount importance across industries. This transcends mere attire, furnishing your team with trustworthy daily wear that not only accomplishes tasks but also leads to enduring cost savings. Altitude Workwear stands as a testament, prioritizing safety, endurance, and dependability.

Through advancements in manufacturing technology, we've meticulously chosen technical fabrics for our garments, ushering in heightened functionality, performance, and resilience.

Once the optimal Workwear solution is pinpointed, it's time to make it uniquely yours. Engraving your company logo onto your Workwear offers a splendid route to bolster brand recognition. This effort further aids in establishing clear identification and meeting compliance prerequisites across various sites.


At Durrant Printing, we've dedicated efforts to enhance our Headwear range. Presenting an engaging selection, we're delighted to provide abundant stock across diverse, fashionable styles and shades, all crafted to amplify your brand's visibility.

Whether you seek promotional necessities, protective headgear, athletic designs, trendy aesthetics, or top-tier quality and performance, our collection, ready for your logo, addresses every need. This comprehensive assortment falls under renowned brands like Altitude, Gary Player, Slazenger, and others, ensuring your choices are well-catered.